Tiras inmunogénicas, ToBRFV AgriStrip, kit completo para 5 test, 1 kit

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The rapid test “ToBRFV AgriStripcassette” enables to detect on-site the presence of ToBRFV, also known as “Jordan virus”, in suspicious samples within minutes. ToBRFV belongs to the genus Tobamovirus and causes various symptoms such as yellow or brown, wrinkled spots on fruit, narrowing and mosaic discoloration of leaves, and deformed or irregularly ripened fruit. ToBRFV host plants are mainly tomatoes (Solanum lycopersicum) and peppers (Capsicum spp.). ToBRFV is on the EPPO-A2 list of pests, recommended for regulation as a quarantine pest since September 2020.

The AgriStripcassette is intended to confirm the presence of a specific pathogen on-site in suspicious plant samples within minutes.

Test principle
AgriStripcassette, developed and produced by BIOREBA, is based on lateral flow immunochromatography using specific antibodies. Once a few drops of the sample extract are squeezed onto the sample spot of the test cassette, the liquid containing the antigens migrates initiating the antigen-antibody reaction which results in visible lines. Both test and control lines become visible with positive extracts, whereas negative samples produce the upper control line only. Lines start developing after 1-2 minutes and reach maximum intensity after 15-20 minutes.

AgriStrip cassette (lateral flow test) for Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFV)

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