Taq Polimerasa robusta para PCR, 500 unidades

Cod. Prov: PB10.11-05
Ref. Cultek: K7PB10.11-05
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PCRBIO Taq DNA Polymerase is an affordable,versatile and robust enzyme for all your everyday PCR applications including genotyping,screening and library construction. An enhanced 12-step purification strategy together with an optimised buffer system enable PCRBIO Taq DNA Polymerase to amplify with the highest speed,yield and specificity on the market,ideal for complex templates such as mammalian genomic DNA. 

For added convenience,PCRBIO Taq DNA Polymerase is available as a ready-to-use 2x mix containing all reaction components except primers and template. PCRBIO Taq Mix Red contains a red dye suitable for direct loading and tracking during agarose gel electrophoresis.

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Envase 500 Uds.
Aplicaciones Amplificación (PCR y qPCR)
Categoría de Producto Polimerasas PCR
Subcategoría de Producto Robusta
Temperatura Envío Congelado -20º
Temperatura Almacenaje Congelado -20º
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  •  Increased PCR success rates with amplicons up to 6kb 
  • Ultra-low background DNA 
  • Advanced buffer chemistry including Mg and dNTP 
  • Efficient specific amplification from GC and AT-rich sequences 
  • High yields under standard and fast PCR conditions 
  • Stable at 25°C and 37°C for 4 weeks 
  • Available as a red mix for direct loading onto agarose gels