Solución de piruvato sódico 100 mM, 1 botella de 100 ml

Cod. Prov: BEBP13-115E
Ref. Cultek: H3BEBP13-115E
Marca: LONZA
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Sodium Pyruvate Solution is sometimes added to cell culture as an additional source of energy since it is a key intermediate in the production of the high energy intermediate ATP within the cell. Its normal concentration in MEM is 1 mM. Sodium Pyruvate Solution may help cells that are deficient in the nine enzymatic steps that break glucose down to pyruvate.

Sodium Pyruvate Solution may also assist in “jump starting” cells in the citric acid cycle and thus help low density cells grow and produce energy in the form of ATP.

This BioWhittakerTM Cell Culture Media is produced according to cGMP and labelled "For Further Manufacturing" (FFM). GMP Products are intended for research or further manufacturing use only. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR DIRECT THERAPEUTIC USE IN HUMANS.


Improve cell doubling times

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Envase 100 ml
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Caracteristicas Additional energy source for cell cultures