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Sistema de electroforesis de proteínas FastGene PAGE (NIPPON GENETICS)

Sistema de electroforesis de proteínas FastGene PAGE

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FastGene PAGE Protein System
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Descripción & Documentación

Powerful protein analysis via PAGE

PAGE stands for Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis and describes an analytical method in biochemistry for the separation of differently sized protein mixtures in an electric field. During PAGE, proteins migrate through a gel matrix in response to an applied electic field. Smaller proteins travel faster through the gel than larger proteins, leading to a size dependent separation. The most popular form of PAGE is SDS-PAGE. The detergent sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) is added for PAGE sample preparation and is also part of the buffer composition. The treatment with the harsh detergent leads to full protein denaturation and unfolding. SDS binds to hydrophobic parts of the unfolded protein and masks the intrinsic charge of the protein with its own negative charge. As a consequence, SDS-protein complexes migration is predominantly dependent on the size of the protein, allowing an estimation of its molecular weight.

Complete set for PAGE protein separation

The FastGene® PAGE Protein System contains all the necessary equipment you need for PAGE protein analysis.
The electrophoresis tank can hold a maximum of 4 gels simultanously for electrophoretic protein separation.

Broad gel compatibility for highest flexibility

The FastGene® PAGE Protein System is compatible with a wide range of pre-cast gels (e.g., FastGene® gels, Bio-Rad TGX™ gels or ThermoFisher mini gels).
It also runs hand-cast gels included in the PAGE Protein System Set (for casting 1 mm thick gels). Also available are FastGene® hand-cast gel sets for gel preparation with 0.75 mm or 1.5 mm gel thickness (product link).

For use of different gels, three different U sealings are included in the FastGene® PAGE Protein System:

  • U sealing strip long, for 10 cm x 10 cm gels (e.g., ThermoFisher mini gels)
  • U sealing strip short, for 10 cm x 8 cm gels (Bio-Rad TGX™ gels)
  • U sealing strip FastGene®, for 10 cm x 8 cm gels (FastGene® gels and hand-cast gels)

Comfortable handling and setup

The FastGene® PAGE Protein System can easily be setup. Plastic dummy cassettes are included for flexible use with 1−4 gels.

Easiest gel hand-casting − No leaking!

The FastGene® PAGE Protein System includes a hand-cast set for casting 1 mm thick gels. The set alllows easiest gel hand-casting withour leaking!
Another gel-thickness is needed? No problem, 0.75 mm (PG02) and 1.5 mm (PG03) gel casting sets are separately available.

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    • Caracteristicas:
      • Complete set for PAGE protein analysis
      • Most flexible use for 1−4 (pre-cast or hand-cast) gels
      • Compatible with different pre-cast gels (Bio-Rad™, ThermoFisher, FastGene®)
      • Hand-cast gel set included (1 mm gels)
      • Easiest gel hand-casting − No leaking!
      • Glass plate holder and tube holder included
      • Additional 0.75 mm / 1.5 mm hand-cast sets available
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