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Cámara de hipoxia, SCI-tive, UNN, con filtro Hepa interno, y monitor para PC, 230V, 50HZ, 1 equipo (RUSKINN)

Cámara de hipoxia, SCI-tive, UNN, con filtro Hepa interno, y monitor para PC, 230V, 50HZ, 1 equipo

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    • Marca: RUSKINN
SCI-tive Workstation UN 230V _ 50HZ (UK _ Europe)
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Descripción & Documentación

Baker Ruskinn's SCI-tive range of advanced hypoxia workstations is perfectly suited for cell culture under physiological oxygen, helping to yield better stem cell lines by eliminating cellular stress linked to variations in temperature, pH and oxidation. SCI-tive's closed cell culture environment mimics in vivo conditions with precise, user-defined controls, allowing you study even the most complex cell interactions.

Its spacious interior provides a continuous, controlled-oxygen environment, from seeding through expansion, assay and harvest, and easily accommodates a variety of analytical equipment - no more working on an open bench. SCI-tive's optional HEPA filtration system provides clean air within the work area to protect cultures from contaminants, and an upgraded enhanced containment package provides user protection.

    • Referencia:
    • 25SCITIVE-001UN
    • Caracteristicas:
    • SCI-tive Options & Accessories
      Standard Accessories
      Two “free-flow” incubation racks to optimize homogeneity
      Direct-hand access using Ezee Plug™ / Ezee Sleeve™ system
      Removable front cover with triple glove ports
      Three electrical power sockets
      Cable gland port – allows the passage of cables through the workstation wall without altering internal conditions
      Vacuum line port – allows the attachment of a vacuum line to remove waste media from plates inside the workstation
      Meets CE and UL standards
      Gas Supply – up to 4 separate cylinders: H/N2; CO2; N2; O2 (compressed air medical grade or industrial)
      Gas tank regulators and filter modules (U.S. only, non-U.S. optional)
      Gas Control Software
      USB communications port
      5 days continuous storage of event log data
      One touch calibration (O2)
      On-screen fault assistance

      Optional Accessories

      • Gas sample port – enable O2 or CO2 meters to be connected, so samples of the workstation atmosphere can be checked.
      • Stand
      • Gas tight waste port accessible from within the workstation (stand is required)
      • Vibration isolation platform to minimize vibration entering workstation
      • Adjustable incubation tray – keep micro-titre plates, flasks or dishes absolutely level
      • Gas level verification meter (Geotech 100) – monitor CO2 and O2 inside workstations, works under high humidity
      • 50 mm (2”) universal cable gland
      • Palladium catalyst and anaerobic indicator strips (if running in anoxic mode)
      • Built-in HEPA filtration system for both main workstation and interlock

      Enhanced containment package:
      o Two cylindrical chamber exhaust HEPA air filters: 2-stage filter element,
      individually tested, stainless steel case; one filter fits over the primary overpressure
      exhaust valve and one fits over the interlock purge valve to reduce
      any workstation and specimen contaminants exhausting into the laboratory
      o Three Butyl Rubber-Gloved Sleeve System – Butyl rubber-gloved sleeve, 15 mm
      thick, 32” long, ambidextrous, size 9. Replaces the standard gloveless system.

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    • 230 V
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    • Control ambiental