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Cámara anaeróbica, microaerofílica, Bugbox, M, 220-240V, 50Hz, 1 equipo (RUSKINN)

Cámara anaeróbica, microaerofílica, Bugbox, M, 220-240V, 50Hz, 1 equipo

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The world's smallest microaerophilic workstation. 
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Descripción & Documentación

Bugbox M microaerophilic workstation packs all of the innovative features into a compact bench print. Incorporating all of the familiar and proven features of the Bugbox, but tailored to interface with the Ruskinn I-CO2N2IC Gas Mixing System to provide accurate and stable control over O2 and CO2.

Like the Bugbox, taking just 800mm of bench space with a capacity to incubate up to 200 plates, the Bugbox M is the perfect way to improve isolation rates and is an easy to justify alternative to anaerobic jars, providing a more stable environment. Because most general laboratories inoculate samples with cultures on the bench, samples are transferred at up to 10 at a time in color-coded petri tubes - 15 seconds is all it takes to transfer and guarantee the best isolation rates for your microaerophilic organisms.

Add to this a range of optional accessories and you have the most convenient system for incubation of microaerophilics available.

The Bugbox M is very affordable and maintenance costs are the lowest in the product class.

Learn more about I-CO2N2IC, the gas mixing system from Baker Ruskinn that gives Bugbox M unparalled oxygen control while using up to 40% less nitrogen.

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    • 1 Ud.
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    • Features and Benefits

      • Compact size - Your personal workstation
      • Quick and easy direct access with the gloveless, cuffed Ezee Sleeve system.
      • Read plates easily without exposure to oxygen - energy-saving lighting provides perfect
      • illumination.
      • Petri dish holders for quick plate transfer included.
      • Can be built with ICO2N2IC to offer a microaerophilic environment in which to grow facultative anaerobes.
      • Optimum cell environment
      • Accurate temperature control - from ambient + 5˚C to 45˚C.
      • Accurate and automated humidity control - no dry spots.
      • Palladium catalyst maintains anaerobic environment - plus anaerobic colourindicator strips verify anaerobic conditions.
      • Ezee Sleeve system allows access without disrupting atmosphere within the chamber.
      • Economic and reliable long-term savings
      • Standard dual gas operation - low gas consumption and running costs.
      • Lower cost per plate compared to anaerobic jars.
      • Minimal maintenance and downtime - with annual or biennial preventative maintenance kits available.
      • The ICO2N2IC provides accurate control over O2 (0.1% - 20.9% in 0.1% increments, can reach 23.0% using separate 25% O2 cylinder) and CO2 (0.1% - 30% in 0.1% increments).
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    • 25CM001
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    • Equipos
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    • 220-240V_50 Hz
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    • Cámaras de anoxia
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    • Disponible en 15 días laborables
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    • Incubación, Control ambiental
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