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Microplaca PCR 96 poc. compatible con ABI (0,2 ml) con medio faldón, 50 Uds. (NIPPON GENETICS)

Microplaca PCR 96 poc. compatible con ABI (0,2 ml) con medio faldón, 50 Uds.

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96-well PCR ABI style Plate 0.2 ml, semi-skirted (50 plates), upstand, for use on ABI® instruments
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FastGene® 96-well PCR ABI style Plate – for optimal PCR results

The FastGene® 96-well PCR ABI style plate was specifically designed for the ABI® thermal cycler and real time PCR instruments. The ultra smooth and thin-walled designed, frosted polypropylene wells guarantee a maximal thermal conductivity for a efficient heat transfer and hence a more specific reaction and yield enhancement. The frosted wells provide an increased qPCR signal and improves therefor the detection sensitivity. Raised well rims avoid a cross contamination, facilitate the sealing and hence ensure an evaporation reduction.

The 0.3 ml well total volume provides sufficient capacity for the standard 0.2 ml working volume. The quality is ensured by a visual check of each single well.

FastGene® plastic – the right choice for highest quality demands

  • FastGene® PCR Plastic consumables are manufactured under the high-level quality control and every production lot has been tested by following procedures.
  • These products are certified free of RNase, DNase or human genomic DNA.
  • The 96 well plates come in different format for different needs and compatible with different PCR machines.
    • Referencia:
    • B4FG-200250
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    • 50 Uds.
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    • Consumibles
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    • Microplacas
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    • 96 poc.
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    • Aplicaciones:
    • Amplificación (PCR y qPCR)