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Imanes permanente MAGNA Stand para la purificación de proteinas en NGS y NAP para tubos 0.2ml, 8 unidades (NIPPON GENETICS)

Imanes permanente MAGNA Stand para la purificación de proteinas en NGS y NAP para tubos 0.2ml, 8 unidades

  • 8 x 0,2 ml
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FastGene MagnaStand 0.2
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Descripción & Documentación

Magnetic Beads have been used for a long time to isolate nucleic acids as well as recombinant proteins. The purification was however problematic, often with carry over when the pellet was disturbed or with contamination when the supernatant was not completely removed.

The FastGene MagnaStands solve both issues. By creating a pellet at the side walls rather than at the bottom, the MagnaStands allow with their very strong neodymium magnets the complete removal of the supernatant without touching the pellet.

Additionally, with the MagnaStand 1.5, the vertical position is adjustable allowing the magnets' place to be fine tuned on the tube according to volume used in the purification. Neodymium Magnets for faster attraction of magnetic particles.

The Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets in the world. The advantages of using such strong magnets are:

  • Very quick separation of magnetic beads from the solution
  • Stable pellet even when resuspending
  • Complete collection of the magnetic beads for less material loss
  • Together with the vertical position of the magnets, the magnetic strength gives you the optimal solution for purification of magnetic beads.

MagnaStand 0.2
For purifications of ultra low volumes (down to 5 µl) using normal PCR-tubes. The optimal horizontal position can be fine-tuned.
The FastGene MagnaStand (FG-SSMAG2) from Nippon Genetics was implemented in the diagnostic lab of our institute to isolate genomic DNA from patients, for a SureSelectQXT Target Enrichment (Agilent), before being sequenced using a MiSeq instrument (Illumina).  The FastGene Magna Stand has been used in all steps where AMPure XP beads (BeckmanCoulter) or Dynabeads (Life Technology) were utilized.

The handling of the FastGene Magna Stands is very easy and the results obtained so far are good. The pellet stays, as desired, at the side of the tube wall, enabling an easy removal of the supernatant. In some cases, the complete removal of the elution was possible. The FastGene Magna Stand is compact and robust. We are very satisfied with it and would recommend it any time!
Simone Rost, PhD - Institute of Human Genetics - University of Würzburg - Germany

  • Perform up to 8 purifications in parallel
  • Optimized for extra small volumes
  • Adjust the magnet position for closer contact to the tube
    • Referencia:
    • B4FG-SSMAG2
    • Envase:
    • 8 x 0,2 ml
    • Especificaciones:
      • Material:  Aluminium body
      • Magnets:  Neodymium Magnets
      • Number of Magnets: 8 or 96 magnets
    • Caracteristicas:
      • Super strong magnets
      • Adjustable positions of the magnets on the side wall
      • No more carry-over effect for better purifications
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    • Accesorios
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    • Gradilla de tubos
    • Capacidad/Volumen:
    • 8x0.2 ml
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    • Ambiente
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    • Ambiente
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    • Aplicaciones:
    • Purificación de ácidos nucleicos