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Fotodocumentador de geles FastGene FAS V Geldoc System, 1 equipo (NIPPON GENETICS)

Fotodocumentador de geles FastGene FAS V Geldoc System, 1 equipo

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FAS V Gel Documentation System (CCD-Sensor)
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Descripción & Documentación


DNA Detection and Documentation with red or green DNA dyes

The FastGene® Blue/Green LED technology enables the detection of red dyes, such as Ethidium Bromide and of our next generation green dyes Midori Green. Both dyes can be visualized using the amber filter on top of the unit.

Unique LED Technology

Very easy to handle and perfect results out of the box

Get great results right after you start. The simplicity of the system guarantees a quick learning process. Images are saved in the established jpeg and tiff format format, allowing you to use any imaging program to review your image. Additionally, the images can be saved in PNG and BMP format as well.

Robust and Durable

The FastGene® FAS-V Gel documentation System is very robust due to its metal body and high quality components.

Touchscreen Operation

The FastGene® FAS-V is controlled by a 10.4″ touchscreen display:

  • All three light sources can be activated and deactivated by the touchscreen.
  • The exposure time and Gain can be adjusted slide function or by directly adding the desired value.
  • Capturing the image can be achieved easily by pressing capture

The chosen image is then saved in JPEG, TIFF, BMP or PNG-format (BMP is selected in the image)


Blue/Green LEDTransilluminator 

Blue/Green LED technology enables the detection of red and green DNA dyes. The FastGene® FAS-V has the biggest Blue/Green LED Transilluminator yet. The huge imaging area is 26 cm x 21 cm big and has a superb uniform transillumination. This is guaranteed by 12 LED arrays at each side.

White LED Transilluminator

The detection of protein is possible due to the very large white LED table (26 cm x 21 cm). This table can be directly controlled using the touchscreen.

White LED Room light

The documentation of membranes and Petri dishes is done by switching on the room light LED. Two perfectly placed LED arrays illuminate the whole imaging box. Black or white background can be chosen to increase or decrease the contrast.


Recorded images can be directly edited in the FastGene® FAS-V:

  1. The image can be cropped using your finger or a stylus.
  2. Increase the contrast of the image
  3. The image can be rotated clockwise and anti-clockwise
  4. The image can be vertically and horizontally mirrored
  5. Reduce printing costs by inverting the image
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    • B4GP-FAS-V
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    • Especificaciones:
    • Camera
      • 2 MPixel 1/1,8″ CCD Sensor
      • Parfocal, Zoom range 12,5-75 mm, (Fullframe), Aperture f/1,2
      • 78,5 x 40 x 38,2 cm
      • 10,4″ Screen Technology for Finger and Stylus Input
      • 6x optical zoom
      Data storage
      • Internal storage + external via USB
      • Connection to Mitsubishi Thermoprinter P95DE
      • Ethernet 100 MBit
      • 3 x USB
      • 35 kg
      Illuminators 1. FastGene® Blue/Green LED Transilluminator XL (21 x 26 cm)
      2. FastGene® White LED Transilluminator XL (21 x 26 cm)
      3. FastGene® White LED Room Light
      Optical Filter
      • Amber Filter
      Power Supply
      • Input: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz
      • Output: 24 V, 2 A
    • Caracteristicas:

      Very sensitive CCD-Sensor

      The FastGene® FAS-V has a big CCD-Sensor, made in Japan, with a diameter of 1/1.8“. The pixel size of 4.4 µm allows the detection of lowest light signal. Images can be recorded in the common TIFF and JPEG as well as in BMP and PNG format. The files can be stored in the 16 GB internal SSD storage or on a USB-stick.

      The exposure time of the sensor can be set from 0.001 sec up to 30 sec. The very short exposure guarantees that even the brightest DNA band will be still within the dynamic range. Exposing the sensor for up to 30 sec will enable the detection even of the faintest bands.

      Very bright parfocal lens – no more focusing:

      The lens of the FastGene® FAS-V is parfocal, as most microscopic lenses and prefocused on the imaging area. This enables you to zoom in to the area of interest without having to readjust the focus.

      The huge aperture* of f/1.2 enables the transmission of light to the sensor. The aperture can be regulated steplessly until complete closure, making it your decision which aperture delivers the best image.

      The 6 x zoom, with a focal length of 12.5 mm to 75 mm, allows a perfect enlargement of the area of interest. Setting the lens at 12.5 mm allows the imaging of the complete illuminated area, while zooming into 75 mm will eliminate any unnecessary area.

      *opening of the lens iris

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