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Filtro de cámara de cultivo celular, FastGene, 4 unidades (NIPPON GENETICS)

Filtro de cámara de cultivo celular, FastGene, 4 unidades

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Filter for FastGene Cell Culture Chamber (4)
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Culture Chamber Tissue and cell culture are indispensable tools for modern biology. Nevertheless, every cell biologist had the frustrating experience of having very important cell culture flasks or, even worse, petri-dishes with primary or stem cells being infected. Culture containers, e.g. Petri dishes or culture flasks, are exposed to pathogens as soon as they are removed from the protective safety cabinet to be stored in an incubator. The FastGene  Culture Chamber provides a sterile and protective environment for the culture container, while it is being transported to the incubator. Although critical to maintain a perfect environment for the cells, incubators themselves are an additional source of infection. Once a culture container is infected, it can cause the infection of all flasks in one incubator causing a massive scientific and financial loss for the researcher. The FastGene  Culture Chamber provides an extra protective shield  within the incubator guaranteeing that inner incubator infections are not transferred to other cells therefore protecting your cells and your colleagues. The replaceable filter with a pore size of <0.4 µm builds an air and moisture permeable protective layer for maintaining the environment of the incubator but hinders the passing of pathogens, e.g. bacteria or fungi. Additionally, the FastGene  Culture Chamber is autoclavable ensuring its sterility.  
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    • Protect your valuable cells Maintain your growing condition by the protective filter (pore size <0.4µm) Compatible with petri-dishes and many culture flasks
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    • B4CC01F
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