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Colorante de ADN Midori Green Advance para visualización de bandas en geles (LED y UV), 1 tubo de 1 ml (NIPPON GENETICS)

Colorante de ADN Midori Green Advance para visualización de bandas en geles (LED y UV), 1 tubo de 1 ml

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Midori Green Advance (1 ml)
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Descripción & Documentación

MIDORIGreen Advance is a safe alternative to the traditional nucleic acid stain ethidium bromide. It is a non-carcinogenic and less mutagenic dye for detecting dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA in agarose gels with a very high sensitivity. MIDORIGreenAdvance can utilize with UV light or with our innovative Blue/Green LED technology.

Proven safety

It is essential for a good replacement of the mutagenic DNA stain Ethidium Bromide to deliver strong signals. MIDORIGreen Advance delivers signals with a comparable intensity. Nonetheless, the safety of the user must not be compromised. Hence, several tests were performed with MIDORIGreen Advance and according to those tests, MIDORIGreenAdvance is safe.

  • Ames Test
  • Acute Oral Toxicity Test
  • Mouse Bones Marrow Micronucleus Test
  • Chromosome Aberration Test
  • Latex and Nitrile Gloves Penetration Test
    • Referencia:
    • B4MG04
    • Especificaciones:
    • MIDORIGreen Advance is compatible with all common light sources: UV light, blue LED, blue/green LED. Like ethidium bromide, MIDORIGreen Advance can be used for In-Gel staining or Poststaining.


      MIDORI Green DNA dyeBlue/Green LED  Blue LED  UV-Light  In-Gel  Poststaining  Direct
      Kompatibel Kompatibel Kompatibel Kompatibel Kompatibel Nicht Kompatibel
      Kompatibel Kompatibel Nicht Kompatibel Nicht Kompatibel Kompatibel
      Kompatibel Kompatibel Kompatibel Kompatibel Nicht Kompatibel


      Kompatibel Compatible

       Compatible, but not recommended

      Nicht Kompatibel Not compatible

    • Caracteristicas:
      • Perfect in-gel staining of DNA/RNA in agarose gels
      • No toxicity, non-carcinogenic
      • Safe alternative of Ethidium bromide
      • High fluorescence
      • Optimal for Blue/Green LED Technology
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    • Reactivos
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    • Colorantes ADN
    • Capacidad/Volumen:
    • 1 ml
    • Temperatura Envío:
    • Refrigerado 4º
    • Temperatura Almacenaje:
    • Refrigerado 4º
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    • Electroforesis