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Baño seco pequeño para incubación, 1 equipo (NIPPON GENETICS)

Baño seco pequeño para incubación, 1 equipo

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FastGene Mini Dry Bath
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This mini dry bath shows a very compact design but it is powerful enough to fit all incubating needs. Using the different block designs you can use PCR strips and/or single tubes from small PCR tubes like 0,2ml up to 50 ml culture tubes. Alternatively the molded PTFE coated chamber allows you to use it as a water bath. The interchangeable ability of the heating block brings you the convenience of a traditional dry bath.   Features Compact size, very convenient to carry User temperature calibration Single molded chamber, no cracks or welds PTFE coated chamber resists stains Can be used as a mini water bath or bead bath High heating rate Different sizes of heating block available for selection Clear cover to ensure temperature uniformity Optional car adaptor provides portability on the road

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    • Display: LED Display Heating Power: 50W Unit Dimensions (W x L x H):  6.02" x 4.92" x 3.82" (153 x 125 x 97 mm) Controller: Digital Microprocessor Controller Heating Chamber: Molded aluminum alloy coated with PTFE Temperature Control Range: 5゚ C above ambient to 100゚C Temperature Increment:  0.1゚ C Temperature Uniformity at 37゚C:  ± 0.20°C Temperature Accuracy at 37゚C:  ± 0.25°C Temperature Calibration: Yes Timer: 1- 9999 mins, continuous Safety Device: Leak proof heating chamber; Over temperature protection Operating Temperature:  Ambient to 40゚C Special Feature:  Used as water bath or bead bath Block Material: Aluminum alloy Block type:  Standard and customized type are available Rated Voltage: 100 – 240V Weight:  Approx. 1.32 lb (0.6kg) Blocks Block Material: Aluminum alloy Dimension (W x L x H): 1.85" x 2.80" x 1.26" (47 x 71 x 32 mm)   or 1.85" x 2.80" x 2.95" (47 x 71 x 75 mm) Block Lifter Well: Yes Thermometer Well: Yes 
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    • Constant temperature Up to 100°C LED Display Different inserts for different tubes Easy Calibration
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    • B4NG020
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