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SFM - Medio SFM4CHO, sin L-glutamina, con 2.2g_L bicarbonato sódico, 1 botella de 1000mL (GE HEALTHCARE (HYCLONE))

SFM - Medio SFM4CHO, sin L-glutamina, con 2.2g_L bicarbonato sódico, 1 botella de 1000mL

  • 1000 ml
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SFM4CHO without L-Glutamine, with 2.2 g/L Sodium Bicarbonate
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Descripción & Documentación

HyClone SFM4CHO media is a serum-free and protein-free formulation that contains no components of bovine origin and has been designed for high performance in a variety of culture vessels, including bioreactors. It is formulated using our proprietary lipid complexing process for enhanced stability and growth promotion of various CHO cell lines. SFM4CHO contains L-glutamine and poloxamer 188 F68 does not contain phenol red. It has been designed to support the DHFR selection/amplification system and is also available without L-glutamine to support the GS gene expression system. Highlights: Support the DHFR selection/amplification systemDefined protein-free formulationMetabolically designed for high cell yield and recombinant protein productionSupports multiple CHO clonesAllows for direct or sequential adaptationSupports growth in multiple cell culture systemsComponent traceabilityManufactured in cGMP (21 CFR 820) compliant and ISO9001 certified facilities
    • Referencia:
    • 16SH30548.02
    • Especificaciones:
    • Format Liquid With Additives Sodium bicarbonate, poloxamer 188 Without Additives L-glutamine, phenol red, HEPES Sterilization 0.2 um sterile filtered Storage Requirements 2° to 8°C, away from light Shelf Life 12 months Item Description Liquid, serum-free, and protein-free medium with sodium bicarbonate and poloxamer 188; without L-glutamine, phenol red, and HEPES; 1000 mL bottle
    • Categoría de Producto:
    • Medios libres de suero (SFM)
    • Subcategoría de Producto:
    • Expresión células CHO
    • Capacidad/Volumen:
    • 1000 ml
    • Temperatura Envío:
    • Refrigerado 4º
    • Temperatura Almacenaje:
    • Refrigerado 4º
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