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Analizador de fragmentos Fragment Analyzer Infinty 5400 , automatico, sistema CE, 96 capilares, 1 equipo (AGILENT)

Analizador de fragmentos Fragment Analyzer Infinty 5400 , automatico, sistema CE, 96 capilares, 1 equipo

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    • Marca: AGILENT
Introducing one powerful instrument to cover the full spectrum of DNA, gDNA and RNA quality control. The Fragment Analyzer does everything from high-resolution analysis to fast DNA separations, across the widest separation range.
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Descripción & Documentación

The Fragment Analyzer INFINITY®, specially designed for high-throughput laboratories of all kinds, is built on the proven frame of the Fragment Analyzer™ Automated CE System utilizing our state of the art 96 capillary array. Coordination with the leading robotic automation developers has ensured the Fragment Analyzer INFINITY effortlessly integrates into most robotic workflows. Notably, each drawer is controlled and able to interface with a robotic arm. With seamless integration into an automated workflow, the Fragment Analyzer INFINITY can size, qualify, and quantify nucleic acid samples around-the-clock without human intervention, analyzing over 2,400 nucleic acid samples per day.

The Fragment Analyzer INFINITY is the only parallel capillary electrophoresis instrument for the QC analysis of nucleic acids capable of seamless incorporation into laboratory automation systems. Capable of analyzing thousands of DNA and RNA samples per day, the Fragment Analyzer INFINITY takes nucleic acid analysis to the next level. No matter how many samples need to be analyzed, post-separation data analysis is a breeze with the proprietary PROSize® Data Analysis Software and auto-data processing.

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    • 04M5312AA
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    • 1 Ud.
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    • Specifications

      Instrument Sample Plate Capacity   1 Plate or 96 Samples
      Minimum Sample Volume 20 µL (2 µL of sample typically required for dilution)
      Resolution As low as 3 bp (gel dependent)
      Sizing Accuracy Normally 5% or better (size dependent)
      Sensitivity <50 pg/µL for smears <5 pg/µL for fragments
      Light Source Power Single 1,000 mW LED
      LED Wavelength 470 nm
      Emission Collection Device CCD detector
      Software Fragment Analyzer INFINITY System Software, PROSize® Data Analysis Software
      Data Export Format Microsoft© Excel spreadsheet
      Environmental Conditions Indoor use, standard laboratory environment, 20 - 23°C
      Relative Humidity Range <80% (Non-condensing)
      Electrical 100 - 200 VAC; 50 - 60 Hz; 15A
      Dimensions Mass: 38.5 Kg (85 lbs)
      Size: H x W x D = 61 x 38 x 51 cm (24 x 14 x 20 in.)
    • Caracteristicas:
      • All Drawers Can Be Controlled by an API
      • Batch Processing Results With PROSize®
      • Over 20 Qualitative or Quantitative Kits 
      • Adaptable to Almost Any Robotic Arm
      • Application Program Interface (API)
      • Run Samples Around the Clock
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    • Separación y cuantificación ácidos nucleicos