Reactivos Silenciamiento Génico -shMIMIC Lentiviral microRNA - Mouse

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microRNAs, endogenous non-coding ~22mer RNAs, are highly conserved in mammals and regulate gene expression post-transcriptionally through innate RNA interference mechanisms. Now, stable cell lines expressing microRNAs of interest can be created using novel vectors with your choice of promoter and reporter.
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Envase 1 x glycerol stock
Aplicaciones Silenciamiento génico
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Especificaciones shMIMIC Lentiviral microRNAs were developed using a unique and proprietary design strategy resulting in highly functional microRNA mimics. shMIMIC lentiviral microRNA designs are created for the robust over-expression of each mature human, mouse and rat microRNA in the miRBase database while minimizing the effects of the star (*), or passenger, strand. Further, shMIMIC microRNAs are provided as glycerol stocks or purified high-titer lentiviral particles for delivery into biologically relevant cells and creation of stably integrated, microRNA-expressing cell lines
Caracteristicas Innovative microRNA vector design coupled with your choice of optimal promoter and reporter for over-expression of mature microRNAs • Your choice of four different constitutive promoters to optimize microRNA expression in your cells • Design modifications promote preferential loading of the mature microRNA into RISC and robust function • High-titer, concentrated lentiviral particles permits delivery into cells refractory to lipid-based delivery • Expression of TurboGFP or Turbo RFP (Evrogen, Moscow) allows visualization of transduction efficiency; a no-reporter format is also available • Glycerol stock format can be used to grow and isolate the lentiviral plasmid for direct transfection or packaging into lentiviral particles