Reactivos Silenciamiento Génico -shMIMIC Inducible Lentiviral microRNA - Human

Cod. Prov: VSH6904
Ref. Cultek: 77VSH6904
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shMIMIC Inducible Lentiviral microRNAs combine all the advantages of the unique shMIMIC microRNA expression design with the Tet-On 3G tetracycline-inducible expression system and the flexibility of SMARTchoice promoter and reporter options.
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Envase 100 µl, 10^7 TU/ml
Aplicaciones Silenciamiento génico
Categoría de Producto microRNA
Subcategoría de Producto Mimic
Temperatura Envío Congelado -80º
Temperatura Almacenaje Congelado -80º
Disponibilidad Bajo pedido
Especie/Huesped Humano
Especificaciones Unique, patented expression scaffold for consistent and correct processing of the mature microRNA Universal primary context ensures that each mature microRNA is correctly and consistently processed Design modifications promote preferential loading of the mature microRNA into RISC and robust function Tight control of shMIMIC microRNA and reporter gene expression utilizing the latest generation Tet-inducible expression technology, the Tet-On® 3G Inducible System Unsurpassed flexibility conferred by the SMARTchoice suite of vector options maximizes success in a broad spectrum of cell types and applications High-titer, concentrated lentiviral particles permits delivery into cells refractory to lipid-based delivery Lentiviral Particle Product Format, Shipping and Storage Information shMIMIC Inducible Lentiviral microRNAs are made-to-order with your choice of promoter and reporter. Choose between 100 µL and 200 µL volumes, enough purified and concentrated lentiviral particles to perform high-confidence experiments with biological replicates in difficult-to-transfect cells. Lentiviral particles require an estimated 4- to 6-week manufacturing time. Additional transit time should be expected for international shipment to account for customs and regulatory clearances and overseas transport. shMIMIC lentiviral particles are shipped on dry ice for overnight domestic delivery or priority international delivery outside of the USA. shMIMIC lentiviral particles can be stored frozen at -80°C for 12 months without a significant loss in titer.
Caracteristicas Up-regulate endogenous microRNA activity for gain-of-function studies