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Nippon Genetics

La empresa

Casa japonesa especialista en Ciencias de la Vida. Con especial atencion a aplicaciones de electroforesis


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FastGene FAS DIGI Compact

Powerful Gel Imaging System in a compact design: FastGene FAS-DIGI Compact Compact design –Space-saving and powerful Safe – No damage to the DNA, no risk from UV light for the user Flexible – For the detection of DNA/RNA and proteins Versatile – Compatible with all DNA dyes Ultra-sensitive – Even very faint bands are detected User-friendly – Large illumination area and handy viewing window

FAS Digi PRO Gel Documentation System

The FAS-Digi PRO will be our flagship product for the detection of DNA and RNA in agarose gels. Equipped with a high-resolution camera, a user friendly software and the unique and safe Blue/Green LED technology, the FAS-Digi PRO has everything what customers need and love

FastGene UltraCycler - Gradient PCR enabled!

At the heart of the Ultracycler series instruments lie 6 fully independant sets of peltiers, 3 temperature sensors and control electronics. This powerful and reliable thermal engine is capable of delivering high ramp rates of averagely of 5 °C per second with our standard low thermal mass composite alloy block whilst maintaining a long peltier life and low well to well temperature variaton. The UltraCycler is available with and without the gradient function

BG LED GelPicBox - The mighty gel documentation cube

Compact gel documentation system with the novel Blue/Green LED technology from Nippon Genetics.

FAS Nano Gel Documentation

FastGene FAS Nano is the smallest gel documentation system in the world.

Lab Day – Making MIDORI Green Advance gel

Today we would like to show you what happens million times in labs all over the world: we are going to prepare a MIDORIGreen Advance gel. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching Dr. Franke prepare a gel after running a PCR:

Webinar FAS Digi PRO

Our first Webinar: How to use the FAS Digi PRO. Dr. Marcelo Lanz is showing a typical image of a gel being recorded with the FAS Digi PRO. The dye used in the gel is the safe DNA stain MIDORI Green Xtra.