NGSBIO Standards de ADN para Illumina

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The NGSBIO Library Quant Kit offers a reliable qPCR-based method for the quantification of libraries prepared for Illumina® NGS systems. The kit includes 5 DNA standards, primers specific to the P5 and P7 Illumina® adapter sequences and qPCRBIO SyGreen Mix. The advanced qPCR buffer system has been developed using our high-throughput smart screen technology to ensure efficient amplification of all your libraries, including those that are GC or AT-rich. The kit is also supplied with a convenient library dilution buffer.

Accurate Library Quantification

qPCR is considered the best method for quantifying NGS libraries as it only measures adapter-bound molecules that can be used as templates for library amplification and cluster generation. The NGSBIO Library Quant Kit enables highly accurate quantification crucial for optimal cluster densities and greater sequencing efficiency. 

Library quantification can be used at any time after adapter ligation and should always be used prior to cluster generation. For easy and accurate data analysis we recommend using the NGSBIO Library Quantification Tool. Overestimating library concentration can result in insufficient cluster density and underestimating library concentration can result in a high, saturating cluster density. To learn more about optimal cluster density, consult the instructions of your Illumina® machine.

Wide Dynamic Range

The DNA standards supplied are precisely measured and ready-to-use, covering 5 orders of magnitude from 2pM to 0.2fM. The kit is suitable for quantification of even low concentration libraries including libraries constructed without a PCR amplification step. 

Universal Kit

The NGSBIO Library Quant Kit is compatible with all qPCR platforms and is optimised to give consistent and reproducible library quantification across a wide range of sample types, fragment sizes (up to 1000bp), concentrations and GC content. Use our qPCR Selection Tool to find out which ROX variant is compatible with your instrument.

For easy and accurate data analysis we recommend using the NGSBIO Library Quantification Tool.

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  • Uses qPCR to accurately and rapidly quantify a library prior to sequencing 
  • Gives consistent library quantification across a wide range of sample types, concentrations, fragment sizes and GC content 
  • Uses a single extension time for all libraries 
  • Allows specific quantification of only DNA molecules that can be sequenced by NGS 
  • Uses antibody-mediated hot start technology to ensure all reactions start simultaneously 
  • Compatible with all Illumina® instruments and qPCR platforms 
  • Suitable for manual and automated workflows 
  • Available as an easy-to-see blue qPCR mix 
  • Easily calculate library concentration with the online NGSBIO Library Quantification Tool