MasterMix qPCR SyGreen con fluoresceína, 2000 x 20µl rxns, 20x1ml

Cod. Prov: PB20.13-20
Ref. Cultek: K7PB20.13-20
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qPCRBIO SyGreen Mix combines a proprietary non-inhibiting intercalating dye with the latest advances in polymerase technology and buffer chemistry to give you fast,highly sensitive and reproducible real-time PCR.

Antibody-mediated hot start technology prevents the formation of primer dimers and non-specific products leading to improved reaction sensitivity and specificity with minimal or no optimisation required. qPCRBIO SyGreen Mix can be used to reliably quantify any DNA template including genomic,cDNA and viral sequences,and is able to detect extremely low copy number targets with the highest efficiency.

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Envase 2000 x 20 µl rxns
Aplicaciones Amplificación (PCR y qPCR)
Categoría de Producto MasterMix qPCR
Subcategoría de Producto SyGreen
Temperatura Envío Congelado -20º
Temperatura Almacenaje Congelado -20º
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  • Non-PCR inhibiting intercalating dye
  • Rapid extension rate for early Ct values
  • Market-leading sensitivity
  • Increased limit of detection
  • Specific amplification from complex templates including GC and AT-rich sequences
  • Also available as an easy-to-see blue mix
  • Compatible on all real-time PCR platforms - standard and fast cycling conditions