Librería Silenciamiento Génico -TRC Lentiviral Genome shRNA Library- Human

Cod. Prov: RHS4012
Ref. Cultek: 77RHS4012
The RNAi Consortium, or TRC, is a public-private effort based at the Broad whose mission is to create a shRNA library to enable the scientific community to use RNAi to determine the function of human and mouse genes.
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Aplicaciones Silenciamiento génico
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Subcategoría de Producto TRC
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Especificaciones Libraries available for applications, such as high throughput screening Cloned into lentiviral vectors Amenable to in vitro and in vivo applications, such as the creation of knockdown cell lines Lentiviral vector enables transduction of primary and non-dividing cells Further information is available at TRC shRNA library details shRNA design and cloning: The TRC shRNA constructs were designed using an siRNA rules based algorithm consisting of sequence, specificity, and position scoring for optimal hairpins. The hairpin consists of a 21-base stem and a 6-base loop. The hairpins were cloned into the pLKO1 vector and sequence verified. Multiple (4 to 5) constructs were created for each target gene. The pLKO1 lentiviral vector enables efficient transduction of primary and non-dividing cells, such as neuronal cells, making it easy to perform RNAi studies in these hard to transfect cell lines. Stable selection is also possible using the puromycin selectable marker. Viral packaging: Replication-incompetent viral particles can be efficiently produced using lentiviral packaging plasmids co-transfected in 293T packaging cells. The Trans-Lentiviral packaging system, which offers maximum biosafety and high titers, is recommended. Controls Available controls include the pLKO.1 empty vector as a negative control and an eGFP shRNA as a positive control.
Caracteristicas Simple hairpin shRNAs in the pLKO.1 lentiviral vector designed by The RNAi Consortium (TRC)