Librería Silenciamiento Génico -SMARTvector Inducible GPCR Lentiviral shRNA Pooled Library mEF1a-RFP - Human

Cod. Prov: V3SH8420
Ref. Cultek: 77V3SH8420
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Combine the advantages of rationally designed shRNAs and the flexibiltiy of selectable promoters and reporters with the tight control of the Tet-On 3G tetracycline-inducible transactivator for unmatched shRNA expression
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Envase 200 µl, 10^7 TU/ml
Aplicaciones Silenciamiento génico
Categoría de Producto Librerías shRNA
Subcategoría de Producto SMARTvector
Temperatura Envío Congelado -80º
Temperatura Almacenaje Congelado -80º
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Especificaciones Innovative vector design for robust inducible shRNA expression from SMARTvector Inducible Lentiviral shRNA SMARTchoice configuration options give you a choice of four inducible promoters and two fluorescent reporters for optimal performance in your experiment Tightly controlled regulation of shRNA expression from the Tet-On® 3G transactivator protein Choose SMARTvector Lentiviral shRNA Pooled Libraries for constitutive shRNA expression. Each SMARTvector Inducible Lentiviral shRNA Library contains: ≥ 1 x 107 TU/mL (+/- 20 %) lentiviral particles provided in pre-aliquoted tubes 8 x 25 µL (200 µL total) for libraries ≤ 5000 constructs 16 x 25 µL (400 µL total) for libraries > 5000 constructs 100 Non-targeting control constructs 272 constructs targeting 34 human or mouse protein coding genes as gene-specific controls (8 shRNA per gene); includes common reference genes (PPIB, GAPD, Actin, Lamin) and viability-related genes. A data file including construct sequences, target gene IDs, and counts per millions of mapped reads SMARTvector Inducible Lentiviral shRNA libraries are available for defined sub-libraries of gene families up to the entire genome for human and mouse; rat libraries and custom SMARTvector Inducible Lentiviral shRNA collections are available upon request. Request a custom collection of human, mouse, or rat gene-targeting shRNAs Available in pool sizes between 50 to 10,000 constructs Pools are provided as purified, concentrated lentiviral particles ≥ 5 x 108 TU/mL for constitutive vectors and ≥ 1 x 107 TU/mL for inducible vectors Request pricing for a custom pooled library Products recommended in our validated protocol: Vector-matched SMARTvector Inducible Non-targeting control for transduction optimization SMARTvector Indexing PCR and Sequencing Primer Kits (A & B) with 12 unique indexing primers, optimized and experimentally validated for: Efficient PCR amplification of genomic DNA with minimal bias High-throughput multiplexed Next Gen Sequencing for hit identification Before ordering, download these invaluable tools to carefully plan your pooled lentiviral shRNA screen and calculate the amounts of components required: SMARTvector & shMIMIC Lentiviral Pooled Libraries Technical Manual Pooled Lentiviral Screening Laboratory Protocols & Calculation Tracking Worksheet
Caracteristicas Inducible shRNA expression for regulatable and controlled functional analysis screens