Librería Silenciamiento Génico -siGENOME siRNA Library - STE Kinases - SMARTpool - Human

Cod. Prov: G-004405-05
Ref. Cultek: 77G-004405-05
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An arrayed siRNA collection targeting human STE kinases. siGENOME siRNA is a cost-effective choice for RNAi screening. Available as SMARTpool or 4 individual siRNA reagents.
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Envase 0,5 nmol library
Aplicaciones Silenciamiento génico
Categoría de Producto Librerías siRNA
Subcategoría de Producto siGENOME
Temperatura Envío Ambiente
Temperatura Almacenaje Refrigerado 4º
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Especie/Huesped Humano
Especificaciones Guaranteed target knockdown (see Specifications tab) Antisense strand loading into RISC ensured by thermodynamic analysis and selective application of a sense strand-blocking modification (ON-TARGET) Available as SMARTpool or Set of 4 siRNA reagents arrayed in 96-well plates
Caracteristicas MAPK signaling cascades allow for responses to complex stimuli such as growth factors and inflammatory cytokines. Additional targets include class III myosin, another protein kinase, as well as other sterile20-like kinases encoded by the STK genes. In mammals, protein kinases related to Ste20 can be divided into two subfamilies based on their structure and regulation. Sample targets in this library include members of the PAK and GCK.