Kit de RT-PCR con transcriptasa reversa FastGene Scriptase II, 100 reacciones

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Engineered enzyme

Engineered reverse transcriptases allowed the synthesis of cDNA from very low amounts of RNA. Mutations are inserted into the RNase H domain of the MuLV‘s reverse transcriptase. Therefore, by not degrading the RNA during the first-strand synthesis, a higher yield of full-length cDNA is obtained. Additionally, a higher thermal stability increases the robustness of the enzyme. The FastGene® Scriptase II is exactly one of those engineered enzymes. With its mutation in the RNase H domain and higher thermal stability, it is the optimal choice for more complex applications, such as RT-qPCR and NGS.


  • Quantification of Gene Expression
  • RT-qPCR
  • Next Generation Sequencing
  • Low RNA concentration
  • Difficult templates

Lower RNase H activity for longer cDNA

The FastGene® Scriptase II has a modified RNase H domain. The RNA is therefore not degraded and serves as a template for longer cDNAs, resulting in fragment size of up to 12 kBp.

Engineered enzymes – optimized for qPCR

The FastGene® Scriptase II delivers superior cDNA templates for downstream applications, e.g. qPCR and NGS. The resulting full-length cDNA gives a complete picture of the gene and is able to show modification, e.g. splicing variants.

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