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  • Swift Webinar librerías de ARN

    KITS DE SWIFT PARA LIBRERÍAS DE ARN Webinar: 26 de septiembre 2019 - 15:00h The Swift RNA Library Kit offers a fast, robust NGS transcriptomics workflow with optimal transcript coverage and NGS data quality from a broad range of input quantities for Illumina® sequencing platforms. Leveraging patented Adaptase® technology, this kit enables...

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  • Webinar: Know Your Enemy - Mycoplasma Contamination in Cell Culture

    Webinar: Tuesday, 18 June 2019  Mycoplasma contamination in cell culture can seriously impact the reliability, reproducibility, and consistency of your experimental results. Being one of the most common contaminants in cell culture, they are still underestimated in cell culture. Even at high concentrations mycoplasma are not visible and may remain...

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  • Cancer Research and Radiation Oncology

    Desde cultek, queremos agradecer a los organizadores del IV congreso Mundial sobre la Invvestigación del Cáncer y Radiación Oncológica y a uno de nuestros partners y expositor en el Congreso,  Ruskinn Baker por darnos la posibilidad de asistir a este evento que tuvo lugar en la ciudad de Barcelona en un...

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  • Advanced Models for 3D Cancer Applications

    Webinar Wednesday 6:00 pm, May 22 3D cell culture has emerged as the preferred in vitro cancer model to mimic in vivo tumor microenvironments. Understanding interactions between cancer and other cell types in the tumor microenvironments is critical to predicting therapeutic efficacy. In this webinar, Audrey will review: An introduction...

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  • The 5th Global Endotoxin Testing Summit (3-5 June 2019)

    The 5th Global Endotoxin Testing Summit will bring together the community to explore the most pertinent topics in the industry. Experts from the pharma industry, key opinion leaders, end-users and regulators will gather to share updates on hot topics and to learn from the practical experience of others. In collaboration with...

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  • 27 de Marzo - Seminario online:

    TITULO How One NGS Core Lab Reduced Sequencing Costs with a Novel Library Normalization Kit RESUMEN Sequencing workflows require library quantification and normalization to ensure data quality and reduce cost. Traditionally, prior to sequencing, next-generation sequencing library technicians and automation strategies have had to undertake numerous steps to quantify and...

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  • Endotoxin Day

    Con el ánimo de mejorar la calidad de nuestros servicios y  con el fin último de poner a disposición de nuestros clientes algunas de las últimas novedades y mejoras en el campo de la detección de endotoxinas, nos complace invitarles a participar en la primera edición del “Endotoxin Day” que...

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  • Seminario ON LINE: 3D Image-Based Characterization of 3D Cell Culture Models Generated Using Spheroids Microplates

    One of the obstacles to working with 3D cell cultures is how to extract meaningful data from them. To address this problem, Visikol has developed their Visikol®

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  • Seminario ON LINE: CRISPR-Cas9 for knockout, knock-in and gene activation

    The rapid adoption and ease of use of CRISPR-Cas9 has driven the development of applications for gene knockout, precise gene editing, and transcriptional regulation. This allows researchers to more quickly define the role of their gene in various biological contexts to progress the understanding of human disease.

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  • Seminario ON LINE: Oxygen Sensing in Cancer and Metabolism

    Low oxygen tension (hypoxia) and ensuing metabolic reprograming are recurrent themes in cancer. Solid tumors have significant hypoxic regions that harbor aggressive tumor cells. How do tumors sense and adapt to oxygen? How is metabolism rewired to sustain tumor growth under oxygen stress?

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