Estándar de referencia de BRAF V600R, 50_ (formato FFPE) =400 ng_pieza

Cod. Prov: HD275
Ref. Cultek: K9HD275
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The BRAF V600R Reference Standard is a highly-characterized, biologically-relevant quality control material used to assess the performance of assays that detect somatic mutations, such as Sanger and qPCR sequencing assays. With this product you are able to: • Evaluate of workflow integrity from pre-analytical DNA extraction to post-analytical bioinformatics • Analyze the sensitivity of your workflow • Optimize and validate new cancer panels and routinely monitor the performance of your assay
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Envase ≥400 ng
Categoría de Producto Reactivos
Subcategoría de Producto FFPE
Temperatura Envío Ambiente
Temperatura Almacenaje Refrigerado 4º
Disponibilidad Bajo pedido
Capacidad/Volumen 1 tubo x ≥ 400 ng

Horizon FFPE standards eliminate the variability associated with patient-derived reference standards, and avoid the hassle of sourcing, characterizing, and documenting your own cell line mixes. The standard is provided at an allelic frequency of 50%, and may be diluted using the corresponding wild type standard to generate a lower allelic frequencies for limit of detection studies and validation of your pre-analytical phase of the workflow. Horizon’s Base-Seq products are all derived from human cell lines. Using a proprietary method of mild fixation and homogenous paraffin embedding, we generate highly-reproducible and consistent FFPE curls. With any commercially available FFPE extraction protocol, our standards yield high molecular weight DNA. This format ensures that they may applied to a wide-range of assays including qPCR, Sanger sequencing, next-generation sequencing, mass array, and more


Technical Data

  • DNA Base Change GTG→AAG NCBI Reference Assembly SNP rs121913227
  • Cosmic ID COSM474
  • Fixation Method 4%
  • Formalin Section Size 15µm or 20µm
  • Cell Density 3 x 108 cells per block.
  • Approx. 3.5 x 105 cells per section
  • Expected DNA Yield ≥ 400 ng using Promega Maxwell LEV Plus Extraction kit
  • Product information- please check in the Horizon webpage