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Corning products

La empresa

Corning Life Sciences es una empresa americana líder en la producciónde equipamiento, reactivos y desechables de superficie tratada para laboratorios de biociencias, reconocida por su prestigio y alta calidad de su gama de productos para cultivo celular.

Su amplia gama de productos incluye plástico, reactivos y equipamientos para Genómica, Proteómica, Cultivos Celulares e Inmunología para uso en investigación, diagnóstico y producción particularmente en las areas de vacunas (cultivos celulares) y desarrollo de farmacos (HTS y genómica).

Corning es propietario de las marcas Falcon® y Axygen® que se recogen en catálogos separados.

Corning Life Sciences es una empresa de Corning Inc.


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Elplasia® Plates

Elplasia plates feature microcavity technology that simplifies high volume spheroid production and gives you the ability to generate and culture thousands of spheroids per plate under uniform culture conditions. You will be able to form and analyze multiple spheroids per well and capture more data points to make more informed decisions.

Corning® Cell Counter

The choice between manual and automated cell counting has long been a difficult one. Manual cell counting is accurate but often time-consuming and subject to user error. Automated cell counting is faster and less user-dependent, but disposable slide consumables can be expensive. Finally, there is a solution.

Corning® CoolCell® Freezing Containers

There is a new and improved way to freeze your cells With Corning® CoolCell®. Corning® CoolCell® is a reusable, alcohol-free way to uniformly freeze your cells at a lower cost of use. Corning CoolCell: · Controls the rate of freezing to -1°C/minute when placed in a -80°C freezer · Has been performance tested with a variety of cell types · Delivers reproducibility and high cell viability without the inconvenience of IPA