Controles Silenciamiento Génico -Mimic Housekeeping Positive Control #1 (PPIB) - Human

Cod. Prov: CP-001000-01-05
Ref. Cultek: 77CP-001000-01-05
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The miRIDIAN microARN Mimic Housekeeping Positive Controls allow for the direct monitoring of housekeeping genes in a microARN mimic experiment. Positive Control #1 targets PPIB (aka Cyclophilin B)
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Envase 5 nmol
Aplicaciones Silenciamiento génico
Categoría de Producto Controles miRNA
Subcategoría de Producto Positivo
Temperatura Envío Ambiente
Temperatura Almacenaje Refrigerado 4º
Disponibilidad Bajo pedido
Especie/Huesped Humano
Especificaciones Same structure and design as experimental miRIDIAN microARN Mimics Target the 3' UTR (untranslated region) of the standard housekeeping genes, PPIB, or GAPDH (see Figure 1, Supporting Data) Allows a clean, straightforward, cleavage-based readout of mimic functiom Targets PPIB (aka Cyclophilin B) so that experimental conditions may be optimized with a validated mimic control
Caracteristicas Validated miRIDIAN microARN Mimics designed to target PPIB in human, mouse, and rat Delivery and function can be evaluated to determine transfection conditions in each cell line/type Monitor the function of a mimic molecule at the marn level using standard transcript quantification methods, such as RT-qPCR