Controles Silenciamiento Génico -Mimic Endogenous Positive Control

Cod. Prov: CP-004000-01-05
Ref. Cultek: 77CP-004000-01-05
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The miRIDIAN microARN Mimic Endogenous Positive Control helps you monitor specific mimic effects on target protein levels in a validated endogenous assay, which is based upon the targeted activity of miR-122 on Aldolase A marn levels in cell lines.
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Envase 5 nmol
Aplicaciones Silenciamiento génico
Categoría de Producto Controles miRNA
Subcategoría de Producto Transfección
Temperatura Envío Ambiente
Temperatura Almacenaje Refrigerado 4º
Disponibilidad Bajo pedido
Especificaciones Validated microARN Mimic that targets Aldolase A in human, mouse, and rat Same structure and design as experimental miRIDIAN microARN Mimics Allows optimization of assay conditions by monitoring mimic function on an endogenous gene target (Aldolase A) with a conserved miR-122 binding site (see Figure 1, Supporting Data) Based upon the targeted activity of miR-122 on Aldolase A marn levels in cell lines, expressing low to moderate levels of miR-122
Caracteristicas Validated miRIDIAN microARN Mimics designed to target PPIB in human, mouse, and rat Delivery and function can be evaluated to determine transfection conditions in each cell line/type Monitor the function of a mimic molecule at the marn level using standard transcript quantification methods, such as RT-qPCR