Control positivo, PVS, 1 tubo_2,5mL

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  • PVS (2) is a virus world-wide distributed. It causes few or no symptoms and is carried by many cultivated potato varieties and decreases the yield of potato tubers by up to 20%.
  • Infected potato leaves may show slight chlorosis, roughness of the surface and undulation of the margin.
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Envase 12 test (2,5 ml)
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Patogeno/Antigeno PVS
  • These reagents were made against a potato isolate of PVS multiplied at the Swiss Research Station Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil (ACW, Nyon) and specifically react with PVS in DAS-ELISA. For all potato reagents, we recommend our extraction buffer «General» (Art. No. 110120) for testing leaf samples.
  • For testing tubers* and sprouts of potato, a special extraction buffer «Bulbs and Tubers», containing egg albumin (ovalbumin), is used (1).
  • This product has been developed in cooperation with the Federal Research Station Agroscope-Wädenswil (ACW), Nyon, Switzerland.
  • *Note: In dormant tubers the virus cannot be detected by ELISA!