Control negativo para edición génica CRISPR sgRNA Edit-R en formto lentiviral

Cod. Prov: GSGC11913
Ref. Cultek: 77GSGC11913
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Edit-R CRISPRa Lentiviral sgRNA Non-targeting controls are recommended as negative controls for experiments using CRISPRa lentiviral sgRNAs in human and mouse cells. The Edit-R CRISPRa Lentiviral sgRNA Non-targeting controls are designed to have a minimum of three mismatches or gaps to all potential PAM-adjacent targets in human, mouse and rat genomes. When using these controls, changes in cellular viability or gene expression likely reflect nonspecific cellular responses that can be used as a baseline for comparison to cells treated with target-specific reagents.
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Envase 1 x glycerol stock
Aplicaciones Expresión génica
Categoría de Producto Controles CRISPR-Cas9
Subcategoría de Producto Negativo
Temperatura Envío Congelado -80º
Temperatura Almacenaje Congelado -80º
Disponibilidad Bajo pedido
Especificaciones Negative control CRISPRa sgRNAs to establish experimental baselines and to distinguish sequence-specific biological effects from non-specific effects. Available as high-titer purified lentiviral particle and glycerol stock formats
Caracteristicas Lentiviral sgRNA constructs bioinformatically designed and validated to not target any gene in human or mouse genomes