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Swift 2S Turbo Combinatorial Dual Indexing Primer Kit (96 reactions)
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Descripción & Documentación

The NEW Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits are a fast, efficient and cost-effective library prep solution. Leveraging a robust enzymatic fragmentation prep and flexible indexing, you can prepare high-quality whole genome and exome libraries using a broad range of input amounts and sample types.

Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits come in two configurations:

2S Turbo: All-in-one for quick implementation

Whether discovering or screening germline mutations, 2S Turbo makes library prep more accessible to any laboratory. This kit configuration includes library prep reagents and Swift adapter compatible with several indexing options such a Single, Combinatorial Dual (up to 768-plex) or Unique Dual Indexing.

2S Turbo Flexible: Broaden the range. Expand your scale.

Need a powerful pipeline to detect any variant across any sample quality and quantity? Combine our 2S Turbo Flexible with either Swift indexing primers with truncated adapters or your choice of full-length indexed adapters to create a fast, efficient, and scalable workflow to detect both rare and common variants in any size project.

    • Referencia:
    • K448096
    • Envase:
    • 96 rxns
    • Especificaciones:
      • Simple, fast, and reliable
      • Minimal steps and hands-on time with consistent fragmentation regardless of DNA input amount.
      • For many genomes
      • Compatible with diverse genome types of low or high complexity.
      • More applications, one workflow
      • One universal approach for whole genome, exome, and large gene studies.
    • Caracteristicas:
    • The Swift 2S Turbo DNA Library Kits offer a versatile solution that streamlines NGS sample preparation of double-stranded DNA on Illumina® sequencing platforms. This technology provides rapid and highly reproducible fragmentation and library construction enables manual and fully automatable library production.

    • Categoría de Producto:
    • Kits preparación librerías
    • Subcategoría de Producto:
    • Kits de indexación
    • Capacidad/Volumen:
    • 96 rxns
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    • Refrigerado 4º
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    • Congelado -20º
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    • Disponible bajo pedido
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    • Aplicaciones:
    • Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)