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Tampón para kit de detección de micoplasma MycoAlert Plus MycoAlert PLUS buffer,1 botella de 20 ml (LONZA)

Tampón para kit de detección de micoplasma MycoAlert Plus MycoAlert PLUS buffer,1 botella de 20 ml

  • 20 ml
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    • Cod. Prov: LT27-292
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    • Ref. Cultek: H3LT27-292
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    • Marca: LONZA
MycoAlert PLUS buffer (20mL)
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Descripción & Documentación

The MycoAlertPLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kit is the next generation MycoAlertKit which provides higher light out put and this allows for use with less sensitive plate luminometers or multifunctional readers testing of unused media, media supplements or water The MycoAlertPLUS Assay is a selective biochemical test that exploits the activity of mycoplasmal enzymes which are found in all six of the main mycoplasma cell culture contaminants and the vast majority of 180 mycoplasma species, but are not present in eukaryotic cells. Viable mycoplasma in a test sample (cell supernatant or fresh media or supplements) are lysed and the enzymes react with the MycoAlertPLUS Substrate, catalyzing the conversion of ADP to ATP. The ATP is then transferred into a light signal via the luciferase enzyme in the MycoAlertPLUS Reagent. By measuring the level of ATP in a sample both before (read A) and after the addition of the MycoAlertPLUS Substrate (read B), a ratio can be obtained which is indicative of the presence or absence of mycoplasma. MycoAlertAssay Control Set (available separately) The MycoAlertAssay Control Set includes a lyophilized positive control and assay buffer for reconstitution. The assay buffer also serves as a negative control. The positive and negative controls are designed for use with the MycoAlertPLUS Mycoplasma Detection Kit. It is recommended to always include the Control Set to ensure that the operator and all of the assay reagents are performing properly. The positive control is proprietary, but does NOT contain mycoplasma. The positive or negative control is simply substituted for a sample in the standard assay protocol. The positive control will give a ratio of >1 while the negative control will give a ratio of <1.
    • Referencia:
    • H3LT27-292
    • Envase:
    • 20 ml
    • Caracteristicas:
    • Convenient & fast Simply add two reagents to the culture supernatant Perform two luminescence readings Results in < 20 min Easy interpretation of results
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    • Reactivos
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    • Refrigerado 4º
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    • Disponible bajo pedido
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    • Bioensayos, Ensayos celulares