Anticuerpo IgG, Potato virus V, PVV para 500 ensayos, 1 tubo_0.1ml

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  • PVV (3) is found in the Andean region of South America and in Western Europe. Most cultivars of potato react hypersensitively to inoculation developing local necrotic spots and severe systemic necrosis, and are rarely found infected in the field.
  • In the majority of the small number of cultivars in which natural infection is often found, the virus occurs virtually symptomlessly or induces little more than leaf pallor, some decrease in leaflet size and slight leaflet distortion.
  • However, a few of these cultivars develop mosaic and necrotic spotting of lower leaves.
  • Natural infection has been detected only in potato.
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Envase 500 test (0,1 ml)
Aplicaciones Diagnóstico vegetal
Categoría de Producto Anticuerpos primarios
Subcategoría de Producto ELISA
Disponibilidad Bajo pedido
Capacidad/Volumen 0,1 ml
Patogeno/Antigeno PVV
  • The PVV reagent based on polyclonal antibodies, was made against PVYC 624 (2). The virus was first categorized as a deviating strain of PVY, but in 1986, it was renamed as the separate virus PVV (3). There is no serological cross-reaction in DAS-ELISA between PVV and PVY.
  • For all potato reagents, we recommend our extraction buffer «General» (Art. No. 110120) for testing leaf samples.
  • For testing tubers* and sprouts of potato, a special extraction buffer «Bulbs and Tubers», containing egg albumin (ovalbumin), is used.
  • This product has been developed in cooperation with the Federal Research Station Agroscope-Wädenswil (ACW), Nyon, Switzerland.
  • *Note: In dormant tubers the virus cannot be detected by ELISA!