Anticuerpo IgG, Potato virus A, PVA para 500 ensayos, 1 tubo_0.1ml

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  • PVA (1) is one of the most widespread potato viruses and is found in most potato growing areas.
  • The virus may lower yield slightly. In combination with other viruses, it can cause severe diseases (depending on varieties) and yield reduction.
  • Aphids are responsible for virus spread.
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Envase 500 test (0,1 ml)
Aplicaciones Diagnóstico vegetal
Categoría de Producto Anticuerpos primarios
Subcategoría de Producto ELISA
Disponibilidad Bajo pedido
Capacidad/Volumen 0,1 ml
Patogeno/Antigeno PVA
  • These reagents consist of different monoclonal antibodies developed against PVA isolates from potato plants; the coating antibody was developed against a Swiss isolate from «Advira» (3), the conjugate reagent consists of 2 different antibodies raised against a Scottish isolate from «Red Pontiac» (2; and R. Burns, personal communication).
  • The reagents react specifically with PVA. All known isolates of PVA are detected and no crossreaction with any other known potato virus has been observed. For all potato reagents, we recommend our extraction buffer «General» (Art. No. 110120) for testing leaf samples.
  • For testing tubers* and sprouts of potato, a special extraction buffer «Bulbs and Tubers», containing egg albumin (ovalbumin), is used (3,4).
  • This product has been developed in cooperation with the Federal Research Station Agroscope-Wädenswil (ACW), Nyon, Switzerland; and the Scottish Agricultural Science Agency (SASA), Edinburgh, UK.
  • *Note: In dormant tubers the virus cannot be detected by ELISA!.