Anticuerpo conjugado, Potato virus A, PVA para 500 ensayos, 1 tubo_0.1ml

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  • PVA (1) is one of the most widespread potato viruses and is found in most potato growing areas.
  • The virus may lower yield slightly. In combination with other viruses, it can cause severe diseases (depending on varieties) and yield reduction.
  • Aphids are responsible for virus spread.
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Envase 500 test (0,1 ml)
Aplicaciones Diagnóstico vegetal
Categoría de Producto Anticuerpos conjugados
Subcategoría de Producto ELISA
Disponibilidad Bajo pedido
Capacidad/Volumen 0,1 ml
Patogeno/Antigeno PVA
  • These reagents consist of different monoclonal antibodies developed against PVA isolates from potato plants; the coating antibody was developed against a Swiss isolate from «Advira» (3), the conjugate reagent consists of 2 different antibodies raised against a Scottish isolate from «Red Pontiac» (2; and R. Burns, personal communication).
  • The reagents react specifically with PVA. All known isolates of PVA are detected and no crossreaction with any other known potato virus has been observed.
  • For all potato reagents, we recommend our extraction buffer «General» (Art. No. 110120) for testing leaf samples.
  • For testing tubers* and sprouts of potato, a special extraction buffer «Bulbs and Tubers», containing egg albumin (ovalbumin), is used (3,4).
  • This product has been developed in cooperation with the Federal Research Station Agroscope-Wädenswil (ACW), Nyon, Switzerland; and the Scottish Agricultural Science Agency (SASA), Edinburgh, UK.
  • *Note: In dormant tubers the virus cannot be detected by ELISA!.